What if my bag was my cloud 3.0?

What if my bag was my cloud 3.0?

I also have my cloud ! The magic of technology: I am one of the 97% of French people with a mobile phone. Are you? It has my whole life on it: my family, friends, even my boss and my colleagues. They’re all carefully organised in my contacts! My memory no longer lets me down : I’ve got my cloud. If I forget the name of a famous actor, Google is there to fill the gap. I can even predict the future with my online diary. No surprises and no chance of missing anything: an alarm reminds me about everything I need to do. What about when I get bored? I don’t! I pull out Candy Crush and voilà, that’s an hour killed. What if my battery runs low? (scared emoji).

Come on, how did I manage before, without my cloud ? A bit taken-aback by this moment of panic (what am I going to do now?), I delve deep into my bag and find a tiny forgotten object right at the bottom. In an old ring box, I find a strand of hair belonging to my daughter, who will be fifteen this year. Emotions well up and tears prick my eyes as I see (and touch) this distant memory…. It may well have infinite possibilities, but my lovely phone seems a bit limited when it comes to emotions, doesn’t it? So, it turns out I’m also lugging around my whole life in my bag (diary, money, ID, old chewing gum and loads of useless bits and pieces), but my bag doesn’t need to be recharged every 24 hours. One year, ten years later, it’s still there, loyal, chic and reassuring. Running out of memory isn’t something it worries about. Instead it’s a full grain leather museum that improves and gets stronger with age like a good wine. To protect it from hackers, sorry, pickpockets, I close it and wedge it under my arm. If it falls on the ground, I don’t roll my eyes in terror: nothing’s broken, it’s more flexible than the Rolls Royce of phone cases. At worst it’ll make a soft thud, a “sputch” mixed with the tinkling of keys and loose change….

So, when it comes down to my daughter’s Instagram account that flashes up on my screen and that silky little strand of hair, there’s no contest!



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  1. Lilian
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    The color of the polo was changed to prevent any legal reoicrussepns. I’m thinking she’s going to have some fun with those stickers, and there will definitely be something coming about landmarks you’re familiar with that will only be ever so slightly disguised.

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