Clutch Bag « marrY-me boXX » in glazed calfskin

BOXX-10_CA101200_bleu_rvb_72dpiMarrY me boXX Veau Glacé - TaupeMarrY me boXX Veau Glacé - Bordeaux

Clutch Bag « marrY-me boXX » in glazed calfskin

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Clutch bag “marrY-me boXX” is the ideal clutch for women who like to feast with elegance, handling it by hand (when she arrives) or on her shoulder (when she drinks or dances).

This clutch bag is with a wooden frame handmade covered with calfskin. The double-ring snap closure is exclusive.


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Product Description

Clutch Bag in Calfskin leather, hand-painted first, then glazed : brushstroke are visible under the transparent glaze.

Magnetic closure easy to open without damaging the nail polish, and removable golden snake chain you can also wear as a long necklace or as a bracalet : 3 accessories for one party mean 3 more chances to inflame some lonely hearts !

With the clutch bag “marrY-me boXX”, the idea is to find out the right chromosome to marrY with : XX or XY ?! Inside, polyester lining with brown&beige stripes, and side gussets.

Additional Information




Your bag comes in a black cotton bag with TER logo.

With straps and satin tie to close it, it will become the second bag which you always need, just in case: to slide a pair of extra shoes or unplanned frenetic shopping.

Hand Carried Bag




Blue, Burgundy, Taupe

1 review for Clutch Bag « marrY-me boXX » in glazed calfskin

  1. 3 out of 5


    Glad you were able to talk. I hope that evetnrhiyg is worked out I know that once everything gets settled on the 17th you will have a huge weight lifted from your shoulders. I'll be praying for you this week I know it isn't going to be easy.

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