Tote bag brasiLia in double-leather, small

BRASILIA_AD101_500noir_rvb_72dpiBRASILIA_AD101_blanc-1_rvb_72dpiBRASILIA_AD101_blanc-2BRASILIA_AD101_bordeaux_rvb_72dpibrasiLia - BLANCbrasiLia - BLEU JEANbrasiLia - NOIRbrasiLia - bordeaux

Tote bag brasiLia in double-leather, small

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brasiLia, the ideal tote bag for the working girl: a priori simple design and very functional a posteriori.
With brasiLia, minimal design and function merge: created in 2012, as a tribute to the architect oscar niemeyer, who died in 2012, brasiLia shows on the outside its minimalist spirit, its slim design, and, inside, its many pockets for a simple use to quickly find out all your stuff.


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Product Description

On the “Three Powers Plaza” in Brasilia, Brazil, soaring buildings contrast with the Parliament’s curves softness. In France and Italy, TER chooses a refined shape contrasting with the softness of the woman who will wear it.

brasiLia’s leather is double: its verso is bronze on every colour, like a seen/not-seen effect.

On the front, you have two big vertical pockets to quickly throw your magazines and your constantly ringing smartphone.
Inside, the patio is a central compartment zipped with double compartments, creating 4 large pockets well organized, whether you are or not.
Lining made of intense black cotton and leather trimmings.

Additional Information




Black, Burgundy, Jean Blue, White


Your bag comes in a black cotton bag with TER logo.

With straps and satin tie to close it, it will become the second bag which you always need, just in case: to slide a pair of extra shoes or unplanned frenetic shopping.

Hand Carried Bag



56 reviews for Tote bag brasiLia in double-leather, small

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