The leather bag, a means of transport in itself

The leather bag, a means of transport in itself

And what if the leather bag would be a means of transport in itself ?

Here’s how to go on an amazing journey every day, and make your leather bag a means of transport in itself so you can experience the very best … in transport! Read on to find out.

Friends of leather, forget the national rail network and the daily commute. Time to swap your travel card for a travel bag, because what better than a bag to transport your life?

Maybe you think the best way to get around is by driving, jumping on a coach or car sharing? Or going still further by intercity or high-speed train or even Thalys and Eurostar? By plane? So let’s go!

The real journey friends, whether you are male or female, is at your fingertips and the best travel companion is your bag. Let yourself be transported by it, because, basically, it has everything to make each one of your daily journeys unique.

Look, when you’re standing in the tram, have you ever noticed that while one hand grabs the bar the other clutches your bag? And sitting on the tube, what do you put on your lap first like a precious object ceremoniously perched on a cushion? On the plane, what do you check a dozen times to make sure you’ve stored it away “in the luggage compartment or under the seat in front of you”? That’s it, the thing you use for shopping, going to the market or the office. In short, your bag!

And what if you were the best travel agency out there?

Because this is the chance to take the first step in the journey: the feel of leather. Rather than holding your bag tight to avoid an unlikely theft (stop being so paranoid!) run your hand across it gently. This selfish caress of the leather is so much better than boring car shares.

And, if you close your eyes, you’ll even have the chance to remember the moment this bag first came into your life: an impulse buy in a moment of euphoria, a gift received for a special occasion, Father’s Day, an inheritance… And all the memories come flooding back: sensual leather definitely brings you warmth, and maybe even a tear, a smile; in short, an emotion…

Now that you’re all emotional and on your way, you can even open it and look for something important to start the day. This is when that wonderful thing happens, the frantic rummaging around in your bag among objects that reassure you and the little pieces of life that transport you…

  • I am looking for my office badge but come across the small pouch containing a lock of C.’s golden hair which I hold tightly between my fingers…
  • I thought I heard my smartphone vibrate but I end up pulling out the lipstick P. gave me last night while kissing me like crazy…
  • I check to make sure I have enough business cards for the big 9am meeting but I find the invitation to the opening of an art exhibition by V., that girl I’ve wanted to talk to for 3 months now…
  • I’m just looking for my passport, but instinctively take out the creased photo of my grinning kids sticking out their tongues on the beach…
  • I want to check if I took my key, but fish out the bracelet that I traded with B. at our first meeting…

Well, well, that was some trip!

So what if the bag really is the best means of transport?

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    I don’t know who you wrote this for but you helped a brhteor out.


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