Once upon a time, TER; once upon a time, leather bags; thrice upon a time, once upon a time there were Bertrand Gignoux, Marco Tadini and Simona Ventura, designers and rebels. As life is all about encounters, with fate being decided between humans here on Earth, it was of the union of these two men and one woman where France and Italy meet, a union of fashion and design, of expertise and beauty, that TER was born. The founding Trinity, a triple alliance of talent, a symphony in ternary, TER. The three ages of life, three times of day, three steps of the podium, TER. The trinity of mind, body and soul, TER. Wisdom, strength and beauty, TER. Birth, life and eternity, TER. Past, present and future, TER. A new label has come to the world from the tri-unity of Bertrand, Marco and Simona, a brand of bags, accessories and other objects of desire made in Italy, in leather and in dreams. A different kind of luxury, both timeless yet firmly of its time, feminine and masculine, yet androgynous, traditional yet ultra-new. The TER label tattooed into the leather like a wild animal track, a triple animal clasp, giving notice of a new perfection in luxury. The material is rare and wild Italian leather, tamed, shaped and tanned to provide men and women with quintessential bags and accessories, daily objects of timeless beauty, miraculous creations on TER-ra firma as it is in heaven.


What are materials without spirit? What is leather without the quest for perfection that drives the founding trio and creative force of Bertrand, Marco and Simona? The leather selected with devout care by TER is treated in the most renowned and marvellous tanneries in Tuscany in order to marry the quest for excellence in design and graphics. The feverish spirit of the region with its age-old expertise brings additional soul and excellence: TER is a line of leather goods and leather bags in astonishingly architectural and unusual shapes, minimal and androgynous and with a modern creativity that still manages to retain the savage imprint of leather, reflected in its triple claw slash. A dream of nature and sophistication reconciled, a bag like a tamed beast just for you, gentle yet fierce, affectionate yet cruel, dreamlike yet very real. For all the technology, innovation and boldness it includes, the TER leather bag holds onto this natural aspect, this French spirit, symbolising this ideal of relaxed, elegant beauty throughout the world, this almost primitive and prettily contained freedom, this desperately sought casualness. TER speaks to exactly this unique character, to share the ultimate luxury that is rarity.


Who was it that said that perfection is not in this world? Certainly not TER whose DNA is built on a triad of values that raise this leather goods brand to the summit of this ideal: luxury, creativity and expertise. These are not vain or hollow words, but a triple-thought, revisited and deployed with painstaking care. TER redefines luxury – not as an outstanding product, but as a lifestyle, a moment of happiness, a unique thrill you get when touching a TER product, with their sensual hides, vibrant colours and evocative shapes. Every bag provides a unique moment to man and woman and every bag imbues every day with this outstanding joyful feeling. Insider dealing metamorphosed into insider delight. For this to happen, the design of the architecturally-inspired shapes, the carefully worked materials, from tanning to finishing touches, pigmentation and strength and lastly the decision on colours, in harmony with the hide and the model, involves a task that will not be hurried. No matter. Time is a luxury and indeed essential to give form to supreme expert knowledge and allow expert ideas to germinate. TER creates bags that not only takes their time, it is of their time, embodying slow fashion in all its splendour. The past-present-future time triumvirate is the essence of the values of TER: age old expertise, the luxury of a single moment and timeless creativity.