A leather bag for my mother – to keep my wife

A leather bag for my mother – to keep my wife

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and all the men are racking their brains: what can they get for their mothers and their wives? A leather bag?

It’s a well known fact: Mother’s Day is a terrible date; children love it as much as lovers hate it. Children will make whatever their teacher – whether inspired or not – tells them to make; lovers will have to find two gifts which, on that particular day, have a far-reaching and symbolic impact: one for their mothers and one for their wives.

For their mother, it’s all a question of finding a new way to remind her just how much they owe her everything, renewing the devotion each year with as much originality as possible. It’s hard: we feel that we’ve already done everything and we’re stuck for ideas.

And for their wives, it has to be something that can please and surprise once again … and also to thank them for being the mother of their children: the same old problem of the relationship with motherhood.

For a strange thing happens on Mother’s Day: my mother doesn’t give two hoots about my gift to my wife; yet my wife will be hugely interested in the gift I give my mother.

My mother is cool: I can get it wrong, but she’ll forgive me! She understands my poor taste, because “of-course-she-wasn’t-with-me-when-I-made-the purchase”. It may even be that she’ll show my gift to her entire social network; it will be yet another excuse to talk about her son, measure his love to that of other sons, a competition she loves because she always wins.

As for my wife, she has certain requirements. For several months, she’ll have been giving me subliminal suggestions, but I’ve forgotten them… She’ll also have asked the children to whisper me some ideas in the morning in the bathroom, but I stayed focused on the shaving. So, thanks to my awesome gift found at the last minute the evening before, it’s make or break: she may fall into my arms… or else she’ll say: “but you’ve got it wrong, this is the gift for your mother! “.

To avoid this Russian roulette, this year I’ve decided to give each of them a bag. The same brand (TER of course), the same budget, no question about it!

At best, this bag will give them another reason to talk about girl things: my mother will feel younger and more beautiful, and my wife will feel even more beautiful and youthful without even realising it.

At worst, I’ll have to tackle a discussion on the choice of the colour chosen for one rather than the other.

A great idea, these leather bags, right?



Photo : Anne Lindbergh and son Charles Jr Lindbergh, mother, and grandmother

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  1. Tessie
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    &ll this increased consumer spending, at a time when real income is going down, is nothing to cheer about. It smacks of something a friend of a friend did some years ago. She knew she was going BK and spent like a mad woman on evrhnteiyg her heart desired.

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