TER selects only the most exciting skins in its Bologna and Milan workshops, including calfskin, full-grain shorn calfskin, lambskin, kid leather, genuine python, ostrich and crocodile skin… The work is performed by hand, in the proper manner, to beautify the raw hides and skins and render them supple, smooth, matt, grainy, patent, printed and textured… This traditional craftsmanship is effectively combined with cutting-edge technology to create effects of unparalleled excellence with perforations, openwork and braiding. Leather becomes a soft caress, the style is sensual, the design gentle. All our skins are dyed in the mass, the colour penetrating to the core, using pigments and an appropriate dosing carefully selected by Simona Ventura, our colour specialist. Simona develops each range of handbags to achieve the perfect harmony between colour and material, the purest hues and a natural result. Touch, feel, look, it’s a miracle.


TER celebrates slow-made and slow fashion, and the ultimate luxury that is time; the time it takes to carefully fashion each piece by hand into a work of art, down to the tiniest detail, invisible to the naked eye. Seams, stitching, overstitching, fastenings, straps, clasps… the finishing touches are precise and innovative, especially conceived to harmonise with each piece of leather. And because beauty, according to TER, is not just skin deep, the finishing goes as far as the inside. Touches such as finely cut out and stitched pockets and compartments adapt beautifully to the lifestyle of every man and woman. But the final touch, after so many endless hours of painstaking work, comes in the form of the TER signature. A triple emblem in metal or hot-embossed into the leather as if tattooed into the very fabric of the skin, serves as the ultimate hallmark of a story known only to a select few.


For TER, the handle is far more than a detail. Designed to beautify the handbag and turn it into a glamorous, yet practical object, at once unique and familiar, it marries each range to perfection. Using skilled chase work and a selection of solid precious materials, TER, the alchemist, transforms its handles into precious gems for its more feminine pieces. TER also finds its inspiration in boat fittings to anchor other handbag designs in the yachting universe. Straps are interchangeable, handles can be removed, and some can be adjusted in length for different shoulder heights. In a supreme masterstroke, TER offers a selection of handles that may be chosen according to whim and fancy to lend soul and character to each piece. A TER handbag combines the ready-to-wear ethos with bespoke inspiration.